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Hydro Static Grout Injection Techniques and Job Site Photos

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Preparation starts with removal of failing flashing and below grade deteriorated rubber membranes.

Below grade wall showing failed membrane removed.

Other areas that present a water intrusion problem are pipes and conduit that enter the building
and are not sealed at the point of entry. These pipes were below grade.

Another common problem are large voids between tilt up wall joints that allow water to enter
freely below grade. As you can see, the wall was sealed with backer rod and urethane compound
above grade but the space between the tilt up wall joints was never sealed below grade. Since all
of this was covered up with dirt no one was the wiser. The building owners suffered large puddles
of water on their floors every time it rained.

Deteriorated foam backer rod between concrete tilt up walls must also be removed and replaced.
The common practice of most waterproofing contractors is to patch and paint right over the
deteriorated joints because the do not have the experience, equipment and materials available

to remove and replace the backer rod. If there is any question as to the function ability of the
backer rod we replace it. It is a small inconvenience necessary to guarantee a watertight job.

The complete exterior, including exposed below grade walls, must be power washed.

All cracks great than 1/16 inch in walls are drilled with masonry bits at an angle that intercepts
the crack midway within the wall. The crack shown is wider than 1/16 inch due to removing and
cleaning out of waterproofing patch that was previously applied by others in a failed attempt to
seal leaking walls.

Injection holes are drilled approximately every 16 inches and follow the contour of the crack(s).

Drilled holes are cleaned out with water and compressed air and stainless steel injection ports are
installed in every hole and torqued down to proper specifications.

All cracks must be sealed with grout in preparation for Hydro Static Grout Injection and to
prevent blow out of materials that are injected under high pressure exceeding 3000 psi

The ports are now ready for step one. High pressure injection of water.

The second step is the injection of the chemically re-active Hydrostatic Grout by a highly trained
technician. The Hydrostatic Grout is a three part catalyst and is shipped in dry hydrogen. Each
component must be stored separately. Just prior to application the components are mixed and
allowed to cook. The Hydrostatic Grout is extremely caustic and requires training, experience
and safety equipment: Tyvec suit, safety goggles, respirator, lexon face shield, sealed boots and
gloves. There is always the possibility that a port may blow out so extreme caution is exercised.

The Hydrostatic Grout compound is injected immediately after the water is injected into the cracks.
The Hydrostatic Grout compound first chases the water completely though out the cracks within the
walls and then immediately has a chemical reaction with the water. This reaction causes the
compound to expand under enormous pressure and to permanently seal the wall and all cracks.
Under the enormous pressure the Hydrostatic Grout seeps past the ports and through the
temporary patch previously applied to the cracks. All this will be cleaned once it has cured.

Close up of Hydrostatic Grout injection.

Once the injection ports and excess Hydrostatic Grout has been removed the cracks are sealed
with additional terpolymer waterproofing patches. The wall is ready for primer. You may also
notice the new gray colored urethane sealer applied to the new backer rod at the vertical joint
between the concrete tilt up walls (left side of photo)

It literally takes a truck load of waterproofing material to seal a large building.

A view of the unfinished front.

Here is the view of the south side wall after two coats of VIP terpolymer. Another job well done!

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