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Lap marks appear as color and sheen differences that occur when wet and dry layers overlap during painting.

Possible causes:

Failure to maintain a "wet edge" during painting.

Too much heat or draft during application can cause the film to dry too soon resulting in a thicker film wherever overlapping occurs. -

Inadequate stirring and improper thinning.

Painting an extremely porous surface without priming.

Painting when the temperature is above 90F

Painting too large an area at one time.

Using low grade economy paints,

To avoid lap marks maintain a wet edge when painting by applying paint toward the unpainted area and then back into the just painted surface. This technique (brushing from "wet to dry" rather than vice versa) will help produce a smooth, uniform appearance.

Don't paint one section of a building from top to bottom completely. Instead, paint in small sections so that there is not enough time for the paint to dry before starting on an adjacent area. Plan for interruptions at natural breaks, such as a windows, doors or corners (this is especially important when applying stain to bare wood). Top to bottom painting is appropriate on siding shingle surfaces because they provide natural breaking points.

If lapping already exists, another finish coat spread uniformly (using the technique described above) will usually hide the lap marks.

Latex enamel paints that are highly pigmented require special application techniques. Unless a wet edge is maintained, brushing back into a semi-dry area will double the coat and result in "shiners" in these places. In order to prevent this, work in limited areas to maintain a wet edge, even if it means doing one board or one wall at a time.

Alkyd paints generally have superior wet edge properties.



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