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One of the best investments a homeowner can make is doing a quality paint job on the exterior of his or her home. Using a top-quality exterior paint can add years to the life of a paint job and save hundreds of dollars or more in lower maintenance costs. Here's how.

Better performance. High-quality exterior paint has superior adhesion, which helps prevent blistering, flaking and peeling. Quality paint also resists fading better than ordinary paints.

Longer life span. Because quality exterior paint is more durable, it tends to out last ordinary paints by several years or more. Therefore, surfaces won't have to be repainted as frequently.

Cost per year. The best way to understand the investment value of a quality paint is to consider life-cycle cost. Here are two hypothetical examples that are based on a 3,500 square foot home that will require 20 gallons for two coats of paint:

Estimate the labor at $3000 no matter which paint is used - it makes no difference in application time to the painter if it is ordinary paint or quality paint. Prices will be more than those used in the example. I wish I could get good paint at $12 per gallon but that was a long time ago. Quality paint costs about $30 to $35 per gallon in 2012.

Quality makes sense. Since repainting is such a cost-effective home improvement, it doesn't make sense to be "penny wise and pound-foolish." Purchasing a high-quality exterior paint for a few dollars more will result in lower maintenance costs and maximize the return on your home painting investment. That is why McPherson Quality Painting will only use quality paint and associated materials.



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